Consider IT Consulting in the New Year to Take on Evolving Tech Issues and Threats

IT consulting is truly becoming the go-to option for many business big and small due to several reasons. One of the top ones is field knowledge where knowing what’s truly going on in the IT field is imperative as it evolves nearly every day. Because changes in the industry happen within a week that once happened in a year a decade ago, IT techs working a long time for one company may not be able to know everything.

While we respect all in-house IT teams, we know how impossible it can be to be up on the latest changes and threats out there without real-world experience. Working for one company for years is only going to box some technicians in on knowing how to solve certain issues.

What things will an IT consultant ultimately know better, plus knowing things that could help your business grow faster?

The Latest Cyber Threats

In this category, changes occur almost hourly, including new viruses and more insidious cyber threats than we’ve ever seen before. As proof of ubiquitous vulnerability, the recent Sony Pictures hack is an example of how paralyzing some things can be to a point of bringing an entire company down.

Perhaps Sony didn’t have IT consultants working with them who could give them immediate knowledge on how to get back on their feet. Instead, they’re now stuck in a situation where their entire network shut down, leading to a drain of probably tens of millions of dollars for the company.

Imagine having a similar situation in your small company, and you had to rely on technicians who didn’t know how to solve it. With IT consultants, they’ve seen what’s going on out there and know about the latest threats. They’ll know how to protect you from them by implementing the proper tools, including internal IT management if necessary.

The Latest Technology

With technology changes happening almost as fast as the cyber threats, you need to know the latest software and hardware available that can help your business work more efficiently. IT consultants will know this based on their work with many other companies. They’ll know which things work the best for specific business structures so you get something that’s just right and not bought just because it’s a best seller.

This is the approach we take here at The Interconnect Group. With our comprehensive IT services, including management, we guarantee our experience from the field in providing you everything you need to make your company safe and to flourish. Visit us into the new year to find out which of our services can help you.

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