Four network security challenges

Businesses of any size need to worry about the state of their network security. Although it’s bigger businesses that tend to make the news due to a security breach (such as Sony Picture’s recent hacking), cyber criminals will go after any company that can yield sensitive data, including credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, classified documents, emails and home addresses.

Providing strong security for your business is a challenge. What measures do you have in place to detect unauthorized activity on your network? How quickly can you respond to the threat?

The following are four network security challenges:

  • Undetected intrusions: The more sophisticated cyber criminals can cover up their tracks. They can gain access to a network without leaving any obvious traces that they’re present and capable of either stealing sensitive data or using your computing devices for malicious purposes (such as to distribute malware).
  • Multiple weak points: There are likely multiple ways for cyber criminals to gain access to your network. Are you aware of the vulnerabilities, and if so, what have you done to strengthen your security?
  • Employee readiness: Are your employees, particularly those responsible for IT, able to handle network security? Among the problems your business may suffer from are unclear security protocols; personnel may not be sure about what should be done both to monitor and respond to threats, and who is responsible for different tasks.
  • Budgeting for security upgrades and network monitoring. Although this is a particular challenge for smaller businesses, even larger enterprises can have problems coming up with the money they need to tighten their security. Businesses need security solutions that are both powerful and cost-effective.

Network security is of paramount importance. As we see with the recent Sony Pictures hacking, data can get ransomed. You could lose customer trust, face lawsuits, and perhaps go out of business altogether (which is especially a danger for small or medium-sized businesses). Be sure to consult with IT professionals on how to improve your company’s network security.

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